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2. Age:18
3. Birthday: june 22, I'm a cusp you see, gemini/cancer
4: Location:Eugene Oregon!
5: Sex: female
6: Brief Discription of Self: Frosh at U of O, music and theater major. I want to be on Broadway. I am really paranoid as to whether people like me. I'm intelligent, self-confidant in my ablilities. I can be bossy, but I can also see all sides of any story.
7. How you discovered the Uniques: connerhea listed it as a place he was a member in his app to hate_thecool

Please Explain Answers
1. Gay Marriages: Love=Love, marriage is a lifelong bond between two people who love each other. Furthermore, those who think gar marriage is wrong, do so for religious reasons (usually) and since the US has a decently high level of seperation between the state and religion, it goes to follow that constitutional decisions should be made without religious influence. And even if all of that doesn't sway you, marriage and others such personal aspects of life have always been left up to the states to decide, and if that still isn't enought to convince you that a constitutional amendment to the constitution banning gay marriages is a BAD idea, well then the constitution has only had one other amendment that limited the rights of the people, and that was prohibition and it was quickly amended into obsulutency. Our constitution (the first ten amendments of which are the bill of rights ) is meant to give rights not take them away.
2. War in Iraq: While I think it is good that Sadam Hussein is not in power any longer, the way we went about removing him was inappropriate, we shouldn't have set foot in Iraq without a good honest reason(proof of WMD) and also without UN approval and backing.
3. Draft: I'm torn. I don't want any of my friends to be forced to fight. I don't think anyone should be forced to do anything they don't want to do. Especially if it includes risking your life. I am in no way, shape of form in favor of the draft. HOwever, they way things stand, the military is full of those who were not able to get into college because of their intellect and performance in high school, or becuase of financial reasons. So techinically, the people fighting the war for the fat cats of america is the poor, the dumb, the minorities(who are typically less well off) and the other more misfortunete members of American society. (I told you I can see all sides of any subject)
4. Celebrity Trials: Erm I assume you're talking about Courtney Love, Michael Jackson, Kobe , OJ etc. Well they are people and should be tried the same way. The media should no more invade their trials then anyone elses. Like the level to which I was able to watch the OJ trial was insane!! That shouldn't be ok.
5. Aliens: I find it unlikely that in our ever expanding universe that there isn't some other form of organic life. I don't know whethere they'd be considered "intelligent" or not. And also, who knows what natural laws there are in other parts of the universe or other universes?! What rules are there? Maybe there is even a parallel universe to the one we currently reside in that is a replica of our world with small diferences. We have no way to know.
6. Abortion: I do not support abortion, I think it should be used as alast resort, or never. But my reasons for beliving that are principly religious, and like in the gay one, I can't dictate to anyone else what they should do becuase of my personal beliefs. The decision to abort a child should be left to the potential mother and those she chooses to trust.
7. Drugs: It's your body. Just don't hurt anoyone else. Idrink, I know it's not good for me, but I like the way my body reacts. So I accept the harm it does me in exchange for the goodness of felling tipsy. It should be the same for any drug, weight the pros and cons, then make your decision about them.

Some Detail Good Here
1. 5 Favorite Bands: Barenaked Ladies, because I can listen to their cds all the way thorugh without not liking a song
Dispatch, I just like all the songs by them I've heard. Especially two coins
Alkaline Trio,I have a personal memory from the song Radio, and again I just like all the songs by them I've heard
Tower of Power, a band thats been around for ages, with good dancing music and is still cool in concert
Queen, Freddy Mercury, Bohemian Rhapsody, The show must go on, need I go on?

2. 5 Favorite Movies:MOulin Rouge, this should be obvious
Blazing Saddles, Mel Brooks is a genius and this is the epitome of his geniusness!
The Butterfly EFfect, Ireally liked the issues and ideas it delt with, time trave etc.
LOTR, I'm a Tolkien freak, what can I say. I read the Hobbit at 8, FOTR at 9, TT at 10 and ROTK at 11, I've played Gandalf and have re-read them compulsivly. The only serioes I might know more about is Harry Potter and Dragonlance.
Back to the Future(all three) I was raised on these, and as a kid I loved finding all the little interconnection clues!
3. 5 Favorite Curse words: I'm oartial to fuck when used appropriatly (as in not every other word etc)
4. Favorite LJ friend: well if we aren't counting my friends IRL then I gues popjunky They are from the same area as me , and we have a lot in common and have really hit it off, also their journal is pretty intersting to read.
5. Song of your life and why: That is a stupid quesiton. There is no song that can some up my life! or describe it or anything. My life has so many aspects and a wide range of goals that to try and use one song would not do it justice. If we're talking favorite song though, I'll go with La Vie Boheme, from the musical RENT
6. The Word:skadoop
7. Favorite Childhood Toy: My imagination and some good dress up clothes. We used to play faeries, I was the Queen, my cousin was my little sister, my friend Aleisha was the hero, the little sister was always in love with the hero, but I always got to get rescued and married!
8. Favorite Board Game: LOTR Risk, or the game of real life,which is made by a local guy, it's llike the game of life, only more realitic, like bad stuff actually happens to you, and the person with the most happiness wins. I also discovered this new game called apples to apples which is RAD!
9. Favorite Video Game: PC-Age of Mythology, system Mario kart double dash!!! weeeeeee I lurve baby park and peach beach!

Detail Here too Please
1. You've been re-incarnated, what are you? A house cat, or another person, I love cats, and I resemble them in my personality( I don't like affection if I'm not in the mood, I'm intelligent, a little lazy, slightly mistrustful, I expect a lot from people.I'm independent)
2. What is the strangest dream you've had? it was bad, lets just say I had it after viewing the anime Akira, and it had to do with tentacles and lots of women.
3. You're Biggest Fear: Faliure, I've never failed at anything, and the idea scares me to death!
4. 3 Songs you are currently addicted to: livejournal!!! and these sill rating communities!!!
5. Explain your username: I used to be a bit of a pyro, and 42 is my fav number (before I read hitchikers guide to the galaxy) and 22 is my birhtday
6. If your house burns down what are the two things that you would save? my violin and my SOA pictures.
7. You're stranded on an Island and you can bring one of these things, your guitar (lets pretend we all play instruments), a good book, your favorite game, or your favorite blanket,which would you bring? my violin (replaced violin for guitar) I could always make up my own music.

~Finally~ Anything else that makes you specialer than the rest of the freaks applying: well I have ad ent in my left theigh, and I believe in phonic spelling , none of this dictionary shit!
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