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You think you are Unique!? Bah!

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Topic 1: Home Made Icons
Ok, this is yet ANOTHER rating community. I dicided that since my rating community infatuation was getting bigger, that I would make one of my own.

This one is for those of us with unique opinions. I do not want anyone to decline someone because you do not agree with their beliefs. This is not our place. This is a place to see how unique you are!


A. you cannot handle rejection
B. you follow a crowd like a sheep
C. you are not going to be active if accepted.
D. you will leave the community with too many 'no' votes.


1. Do not post anything until you fill out the form (which is at the bottom) and are accepted.
2. You are not allowed to post on anything other than your entry post until approved.
3. If rejected, you have to wait 2 weeks after rejection to try to join again if you are rejected again, leave the community quietly, or I will remove you.
4. Do NOT be rude. Cursing who gives a fuck, but do NOT bash other people's opinions! conversations are encouraged. DONOT BASH!
5. If you leave the community because you are getting too many 'no's or if you are rejected twice I will ban you. That way I am sure that people that are rejected twice are forever out of this freak club.
6. Please put this in an LJ-cut. which is (lj-cut text="Survey") with < and > instead of paranethese
7. Please, I want some detail in your opinions and such, like why you feel a certain way. This is in affect as of February 29, 2004. Anyone that posted before that no worries.
8. The word is skadoop (as of Feb. 29, 2004)
9. I give you 2 full days to be voted on.
10. In case of a tie, Squeekle and I shall decide if the person stays or goes. If we dont agree, then Im going to ask that more people vote.
11. Please when accepting or rejecting someone, give more reason than, "your bands suck". We all have different types of music taste.
12. VERY IMPORTANT RULE! We do not ask everyone to vote on every single application. Thats fucking insane. But we do ask that once a week (when people are applying if no one applies this obviously doesnt count) people vote. That keeps the group alive. You will get two warnings on this account, after 2 warnings we will ban you if you dont have a good reason.
13. If you have a warning, you have a chance to take this away. If you suggest someone to the group and they mention you in the application, I will take away one warning.
14. Accepted members can vote yes, no, or undecided. If a member does not change their vote from undecided before the time limit all the undecided will be changed to nos.

Survey Biz-natches!

Please bold your questions so that they are easier to see
2. Age:
3. Birthday:
4: Location:
5: Sex:
6: Brief Discription of Self:
7. How you discovered the Uniques:

Please Explain Answers
1. Gay Marriages:
2. War in Iraq:
3. Draft:
4. Celebrity Trials:
5. Aliens:
6. Abortion:
7. Drugs:

Some Detail Good Here
1. 5 Favorite Bands:
2. 5 Favorite Movies:
3. 5 Favorite Curse words:
4. Favorite LJ friend:
5. Song of your life and why:
6. The Word:
7. Favorite Childhood Toy:
8. Favorite Board Game:
9. Favorite Video Game:

Detail Here too Please
1. You've been re-incarnated, what are you?
2. What is the strangest dream you've had?
3. You're Biggest Fear:
4. 3 Songs you are currently addicted to:
5. Explain your username:
6. If your house burns down what are the two things that you would save?
7. You're stranded on an Island and you can bring one of these things, your guitar (lets pretend we all play instruments), a good book, your favorite game, or your favorite blanket,which would you bring?

Anything else that makes you specialer than the rest of the freaks applying:

PLEASE NO PICTURES! IF YOU POST PICTURES I WILL DELETE YOUR POST! After you are accepted you can post pictures or whatever.

Preliminary Crapola (Accepted, Rejected, and Banned)

Once Accepted please promote! We needs people!!

Baranorewen Mod
squeekle Mod

Note: Remember, you can reapply in two weeks.



Comment on my personal journal, "Baranorewen" with questions or comments.

Once Accepted

~Please vote and promote.
~Try to participate in the topic of the month often.
~Check back once a month for the new topic. It will be listed at the top of the info page.

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