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I'm unique whether you pick me or not.

1. Name: Yanichka. That's pronounced YAWN-itch-kuh. It's Russian.
2. Age: 26.
3. Birthday: October 15, 1977.
4: Location: Here, near the computer.
5: Sex: Female.
6: Brief Discription of Self: To those who don't know me: Short, quiet, girl with glasses. To those who know me: Yanichka's the one who sits and listens most of the time, and then she says one little thing that makes us laugh.
7. How you discovered the Uniques: I did a search on the interest "individuality".

Please Explain Answers
1. Gay Marriages: Fine, go ahead. Yes, I'm a Christian, and so I believe homosexuality is wrong. I also believe that any sins you have are between you and God, and so are therefore none of my business.
2. War in Iraq: War is messy. War is bad. War hurts people. War is not healthy for children and other living things. But... do we have any good reasons for being over there?
3. Draft: Then close the window.
4. Celebrity Trials: Don't care. I'm supposed to care about these people just because they've been in a movie/TV show? Sorry.
5. Aliens: There are probably some out there somewhere, but who's to say they'd contact us? Aside from that, they do make for some interesting movies.
6. Abortion: Fine, go ahead. I personally believe it is wrong, but I'm not going to decide for you.
7. Drugs: A bad idea.

Some Detail Good Here
1. 5 Favorite Bands: Great Big Sea, Moxy Fruvous, Barenaked Ladies, The Benjamin Gate, The Beatles
2. 5 Favorite Movies: At the moment: Return to Me, The Princess Bride, Monsters, Inc., The Fifth Element, The Whole Nine Yards. Subject to change.
3. 5 Favorite Curse words: (I may have trouble thinking of that many) B**tard: we give people a hard time because their parents were supposedly not married? C**p: multipurpose noun. That's it for actual curse words. I've been known to use 'fnerd' and 'thud' as an interjection.
4. Favorite LJ friend: Julia_Kaye, my evil twin and friend from high school.
5. Song of your life and why: "Walk On" by Ashton, Becker, Dente. Lyrics (in part): "Some find their solace in a bottle of gin, some find it still better when their horse comes in. It's a way to deal when life ain't grand: you just pack it up, hang your head, and fold your hands. ... But when the going gets tough and the tough are long gone, you just walk on." My life has not been easy. Rather than whine about it, though, I'd rather pitch a small, but intense screaming fit, then dry my eyes and walk on. 'Cause I have to deal with it but that doesn't mean I won't be honest.
6. The Word: Yours is skadoop, apparently. Mine is flermnmpty.
7. Favorite Childhood Toy: a notebook that I scribbled in, and pretended it was cursive writing.
8. Favorite Board Game: Scrabble
9. Favorite Video Game: Escape from Monkey Island. It's very silly.

Detail Here too Please
1. You've been re-incarnated, what are you? A cat in a used book store. How easy would that life be? You get to walk around, sleep in the sunny window, and occasionally get scratched on the head.
2. What is the strangest dream you've had? There were lobsters everywhere, crawling on the walls and floor like really big bugs. I think they were aliens. The only way to defeat them was with TV remote controls, and you had to aim the remotes at the lobsters. It was really scary.
3. Your Biggest Fear: bugs. Also lobsters. The legs spook me.
4. 3 Songs you are currently addicted to: I like a variety of songs. I just can't take the same ones over and over.
5. Explain your username: The short answer: It's my nickname from Russian class in high school.
6. If your house burns down what are the two things that you would save? All the people and animals are safe, right? Then the black notebook of poetry from high school and also my old computer. For the same reasons. (It's a laptop; I can carry it.)
7. You're stranded on an Island and you can bring one of these things, your guitar (let's pretend we all play instruments), a good book, your favorite game, or your favorite blanket, which would you bring? The blanket. Need the comfort.

Anything else that makes you specialer than the rest of the freaks applying: No-one else here is me.
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