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1.Name: Kaitlyn
2. Age:15
3. Birthday:Feb. 22nd 1989
4: Location:Central Wisconsin
5: Sex:Female
6: Brief Discription of Self:Physical?: Brown hair, blue eyes, tall, somewhat wide. Emotional?: Shy, self-concious, funny
7. How you discovered the Uniques:I saw someone mention it in another community: thespecial_ones

Please Explain Answers
1. Gay Marriages: For it. Marry who you love. marriage = love
2. War in Iraq: Stupid. Why are we involved, again? I must've missed that part.
3. Draft: Home of the free? Hmm..
4. Celebrity Trials: They deserve privacy just as much as we do.. Their trials should be private (unless they like whoring themselves out.)
5. Aliens:I believe in them. you can't tell me that in this huge universe, we are all alone.
6. Abortion:One word: Murder
7. Drugs:Bad. Bad bad bad. They ruin lives not only of people who take them, but of the FAMILY members of people who take them. i lived with a marijuana addict for a couple years. not fun.

Some Detail Good Here
1. 5 Favorite Bands: System of a down, Hoobastank, Evanescence (I can't get over the fact that I like them and can't spell their name.)
2. 5 Favorite Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast
3. 5 Favorite Curse words: Dumb shit. It just. cracks me up.
4. Favorite LJ friend: Shazzle
5. Song of your life and why: Umm. Hmm. I don't know what its called. But its like.. Im sorry I cant be perfect.. Just because thats how it is and how i feel
6. The Word: skadoop
7. Favorite Childhood Toy: Ahahah. Embarassing. This doll I had. You fed it green stuff, and it crapped green stuff, and you got to change its diapers..!
8. Favorite Board Game: Sorry. I loved screaming out SORRY! when i beat someone
9. Favorite Video Game: Zelda the windwaker. Its the only game I'm actually good at

Detail Here too Please
1. You've been re-incarnated, what are you? I am .. *prays* Kagome from Inuyasha
2. What is the strangest dream you've had?Long. Okay.. I was at my house brushing my hair and this guy named Rick came in with a jar full of pennies. And he threw them on the ground and hes like, 'wanna help me pick them up?' and i said no, and he glared at me and got on his knees and started picking them up and putting them in an empty garbage can. I felt bad so i started helping, he smiled at me, we walked in the kitchen, and my moms like, KAITLYN, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH A GARBAGE CAN FULL OF PENNIES!? and rick looked really worried, like it was illegal to carry pennies around, and i was all 'Oh, we're just going to put them in my mud puddle for my collection' and my mom smiled and shes like, good luck, honey. We went outside and then ricks like, 'Thanks for saving my neck back there' and he kissed my elbow and said 'Do you want to come to the jello fair with me?' i said yes and we transported to this place full of jello molds and we were suddenly inside this red jello thing and it was duct taped closed and these bad guys are like, 'I FOUND WHERE THEY GET AIR!' and they started ripping the duct tape out and i woke up. it was so weird. I dont even get it.
3. You're Biggest Fear: Bugs and spiders. i have arachnophobia.
4. 3 Songs you are currently addicted to: 'The reason' - Hoobastank 'Prison song' - System of a down 'Innervision' -System of a down 'My immortal' - Evanescence
5. Explain your username: Maureen is my middle name. Some of my friends call me that. The added i is for spark.
6. If your house burns down what are the two things that you would save?: my dog and my books
7. You're stranded on an Island and you can bring one of these things, your guitar (lets pretend we all play instruments), a good book, your favorite game, or your favorite blanket,which would you bring? Favorite book

Anything else that makes you specialer than the rest of the freaks applying: Umm.. I don't know. I like eggs? Dag, yo.
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